So you are new to vaping and getting ready to purchase your first ever Green Smoke starter kit.  There have five different kits that include everything you need: chargers, cartridges, batteries and more.  So how do you know which kit to choose?  You might have a few questions as well, such as:

– Will I have the same vaping experience using the cheapest kit that I will using the most expensive one?

– Are the basics enough, or do I need to have all of the accessories as well?

– Should I get a wall adapter, or a car adapter or both?

– What cartridge flavor do I want?

– How many batteries will I need?

Attempting to shop for a perfect starter kit, particularly if this is your first one, is like trying to buy the perfect house or perfect vacation.

What you really want to know is which kit is going to give you everything you really need.  In order to make the best decisions, there is just one rule you need to follow: know the Green Smoke starter kits, and above all, know yourself.

Batteries: How much vaping do you plan on doing?

How many batteries are included in a kit frequently is the deal maker.  Prior to making your final decision, think about how often you are planning on vaping.

Do you only vape at specific events, on special occasions or only occasionally?  If so, then the Essential Kit, which includes 1 battery, will be sufficient for your needs.  Before using it, you just need to ensure your single battery is charged so you don’t end up getting stuck.

Do you vape every so often throughout the day.  If so, your best option is the Express Kit, which comes with 2 batteries.  You might be able to get away with having just one battery.  However, two batteries will definitely get you through one day.  Also, you can use one battery and have one charging.

If you vape on a regular basis throughout the day, then The Pro Kit comes with all the power you’d ever want and 3 batteries.  Green Smoke’s flagship kit also comes with all of the e-cig essentials you could ever want.

If you like to vape all day long on a frequent basis, then choose the Ultimate Kit and keep your e-cigarette powered.  It comes with 4 rechargeable batteries along with 2 USB chargers.

Short vs Long Battery: Do you like authenticity or convenience?

Is your life constantly busy with action 24/7?  If so, then you definitely are not going to want your vaping enjoyment interrupted because your e-cig battery needs to be recharged.  Go with the long battery so that you can be powered up pretty much all day long.  You can enjoy approximately 400 puffs from one charge.

However, if it doesn’t bother you needing to recharge every once in a while, and you like having a realistic feel and look, then choose the short battery.  You will get to enjoy around 250 puffs from one charge.

* These are approximate figures and reference a fully optimized new battery.  Over time, lithium ion batteries all lose some charge.

Adapters and Chargers: What Is Your Lifestyle?

Is most of your day spent at the computer?  Well, you’re lucky then.  Your batteries can be recharged just by using the USB chargers that are available for all of Green Smoke’s starter kits.

You don’t tend to be close to a computer but are usually indoors?  If so, then the wall adapter can be used.  It’s included in all of the kits with the exception of the Essential Kit.

Do you move around all the time and love your car?  If so, then choose the Love Bird, Ultimate or Pro kit.  They all come with a car adapter and wall adapter.

Do you travel in cabs, trains or buses?  You want have any place for recharging your batteries, so make sure you have lots of fully powered batteries ready to go.

What is the best overall starter kit option?  The Pro Kit comes with all the adapters you could ever need and a USB charger for the best value price.  The Pro Kit is great for computer users as well, in the event other charging options are needed.

Flavors: Who are you really?

Green Smoke cartridges are available in many different great flavors.

Are you big on authenticity?  Then select Absolute Tobacco.  It has a rich and smooth classic American tobacco blend taste.  Daring and bold?  Try out Red Label Tobacco cartridges.  It is ultra robust and provides a bold kick of Virginia tobacco with woody accent taste.  Indulgent and extravagant?  Go deluxe with Tobacco Gold.  The flavor is a superb blend of Virginia, Oriental and Burley tobaccos, similar to the finest of cigars.

Sophisticated and cool?  Menthol Ice flavor provides you with a smooth, fresh menthol taste on each puff.  Do you love coffee?  Then the perfect companion to your latte is Mocha Mista cartridge, with its freshly roasted and ground taste and hint of chocolate.  Do you love delicate, fine flavors?  Then Vanilla Dream will provide you with the aroma and taste of smooth, creamy vanilla goodness.

Do you love chocolate?  Smooth Chocolate provides you with a taste of dark, rich chocolate in the form of vapor. Are you a born adventurer?  Spicy and sweet, aromatic and warm Mountain Clove cartridges brings exotic to an entirely new level.

So which kit should you choose: Are you an experienced or new vaper?  Value conscious or budget conscious?  Are you just beginning to vape?  How about something affordable, quick and easy?  The Essentials Kit, with 2 FlavorMax cartridges, 1 battery and 1 USB charge provides you with a great way of trying out vaping.

Or you can step up to the Express Kit, that comes with a free carrying case, 1 wall adapter, 1 USB charger, 5 cartridges and 2 batteries.  The introductory price makes it a great value.

Are you ready for an upgrade?  The Pro Kit provides the best value, with its car and wall adapters, 1 USB charger, 10 cartridges and 3 batteries.  You will be able to charge your batteries no matter where you are.  It also comes with a deluxe carrying case that holds everything very conveniently.

Are you just interested in having a premium e-cig experience?  Then choose the Ultimate Kit.  The Pro Kit comes with everything, including an extra carrying case, extra adapters, extra USB charger and extra battery.

Would you like to share vaping with someone?  The Love Birds Kit comes with everything times two as the Pro Kit.

Disposables: Do you want to vape but just aren’t ready to commit yet?

Find out more about the Green Smoke starter kits to see which one is best for you!