Electronic Cigarettes – Do They Work?

There has been a lot of debate and public attention in recent years on the best methods to help smokers break their habit and finally stop smoking. But how many of these methods really work? I can give you a truthful response to this given I have tried nearly all available options and it wasn’t until I came across electronic cigarettes that I finally managed to break the habit.

One of the biggest problems smokers face apart from being ostracized by the general public is that they enjoy the sensation of holding a cigarette and inhaling and exhaling the smoke, whether for relaxation, stress, relief or whatever floats their boat. But generally smokers like smoking.

So how do you achieve that without having nicotine and other harmful chemicals rife in your system? For me the perfect solution was the electronic cigarette, not only did I still have the illusion of still smoking, but I didn’t have to sneak outside to indulge and the real bonus was the cost saving.



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The cartridge or atomizers as some are called are only about a quarter of the cost of a pack of thirty cigarettes and given the ongoing price hikes in cigarettes this is a real bonus. Initially I purchased a starters kit which came with a battery which is the main body of the electronic cigarette, a USB charger which plugs into my laptop and 4 cartridges, this cost me $100 but there are cheaper version available if you look round. I went with a reputable firm to buy from since I wanted to be sure I could ask questions if I wasn’t sure about something and also to know I could get repeat orders quickly.

I think this was one of my best decisions, I tried a range of different flavors until I found the one I preferred in my case the menthol, but for those who really want the taste of nicotine you can buy some that give you the nicotine flavor, as well as a range of fruits or coffee, in fact there is a huge range of flavors available and you really have to experiment until you find what suits you.

Each cartridge is equivalent to approximately a thirty pack of cigarettes depending on how many times you actually inhale on your smoke. But even if you are a really heavy smoker there is still a huge saving there compared to the cost of real cigarettes and the beauty is you are not endangering your health, or anyone else round you.

I thought I might have withdrawals or headaches when I first switched but was pleasantly surprised to find it was a fairly easy transition, and I have now been smoke free for three months, after being a smoker for thirty years.

So for anyone who is serious about giving up smoking and wants to find the best way to do so, I would really recommend giving electronic cigarettes a try before going down the patches and pills methods.