E-Lites electronic cigarettes have managed to change the quit-smoking process for everyone. Trying to kick the habit used to be a horrible experience. Very few people who

tried to quit smoking actually managed to give up cigarettes 100%. It’s no secret how dangerous cigarettes are for your health. What you might not know is that a lot of smokers are hooked on more than just the nicotine. The look and feel of holding a real cigarette is something a lot of smokers crave. This is why nicotine patches and non-smoking gum may not work for all people who want to quit. This is where E-Lites electronic cigarettes come into play.

Electronic cigarettes have actually been around for a few years now. Over the years, they have constantly been improved, customized, and easier to manufacture. The price on electronic cigarettes has dropped dramatically, making them a realistic option for anyone who wants to quit smoking, no matter what their budget looks like. E-Lites electronic cigarettes are much healthier than real cigarettes and aren’t harmful to the people sitting around you. If you really want to quit smoking, it’s time you considered changing real cigarettes for electronic alternatives.


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The current generation of e-cigarettes is much more user-friendly than the previous lines. Older electronic cigarettes were much larger and stood out dramatically when placed next to a normal cigarette. Today, the most realistic cigarette is the E-Lites electronic cigarette. The mini cigarette is 100mm long which is about as long as your average cigarette. This allows for the smoker to enjoy a very realistic experience without any health hazards.

Inside every electronic cigarette is a battery, a nicotine chamber, and atomizer. The nicotine chamber is replaceable. Over time, the chambers have been improved to last longer and taste better. The chambers also create a water vapor that simulates the release of real smoke. However, the vapor is entirely harmless and has no foul odor.

The chambers come in a variety of flavor and strengths. A typical cartridge will last as long as 20 cigarettes for the average smoker. All of these E-Lites cigarettes can have a menthol flavor, coffee, chocolate, tobacco, the choice is yours. You can even control the level of nicotine that you inhale with each cigarette. There is low strength, medium, and high strength chambers. These different chambers contain different amounts of nicotine. There is no regulation on these chambers and you are better off sticking with the medium chamber.

When you choose to smoke E-Lites electronic cigarettes, you are also helping the people around. Secondhand smoke is more dangerous than the smoke that you inhale with each puff. An electronic cigarette produces no harmful smells or secondhand smoke. You can smoke your cigarette anywhere, even in public because no laws prevent electronic cigarettes. You don’t have to travel outside to keep the smoke for stinking up the house or triggering an asthma attack with someone living in your house.