Green Smoke

The reason Green Smoke electronic cigarettes pose absolutely no second hand smoke but nonetheless offer the exact same sensation associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes, is that there isn’t any actual flame involved and because of this, absolutely no smoke. When you inhale a GreenSmoke ecigarette, the battery activates a small LED light, which in turn heats up the nicotine liquid to create an odorless water vapor. This vapor contains 3 main ingredients: propylene glycol (commonly used as food color), water vapor, nicotine as well as flavoring. Some European countries have legalized the use of Green Smoke ecigarettes  where smoking bans happen to be instituted. Along with not containing the dangerous chemicals/additives you would find in traditional cigarettes, no actual smoke means you preserve your lungs as well as throat/mouth area.




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The great thing about electronic cigarettes is that they offer the feeling you want, but none of the harmful ingredients as with tobacco cigarettes. Greensmoke e-cigarettes also provide hope to users who wish to decrease their nicotine usage, since electric cigarettes come in much more varied nicotine levels compared to tobacco cigarettes. Every cartridge includes an amount comparable to approximately 30 traditional cigarettes or 1.5 packs. Sociable smokers who’re used to “ultra light” or even “light”

cigarettes might get the 6mg or even 4mg. There are even cartridges with  no nicotine at all.  For people who smoke regularly, Green Smoke offers 8mg as well as 16mg cartridges in order to simulate full-flavored cigarettes. No matter what you’re used to smoking or how frequently you do, electric cigarettes can give you the exact same feeling without the same high costs or some of the health risks included.

Remember, every Green Smoke electric cigarette cartridge is comparable to up to 30 tobacco cigarettes, or 1,5 packs. With every cartridge priced at as low as $2-$3 and the typical price of a pack of tobacco cigarettes is $6 – you’d save a lot of money. So you not only will be able to smoke cigarettes anywhere, GreenSmoke electronic cigarettes help you save money as well. There are lots of reasons to give up smoking tobacco cigarettes and switch to electric cigarettes, not only for the smoker, but for people around you as well.

Advantages of Green Smoke

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Fresh atomizer in every cartridge
  • No bad odor on clothes or breath
  • Smoke Almost Anywhere
  • No ash or cigarette butts
  • Exceptionally high smoke volume
  • Large variety of flavors and strengths
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Great customer service
  • 1 Year Warranty on all e-cigarettes