V2 Cigs

Regardless of whether you are brand new to the electronic cigarette world or have used them for some time now, you are sure to be very impressed by the V2 Cigs great design. It is built using a 2-piece design, which is much simpler and easier to use, as opposed to the problematic 3-piece design that other e-cigarettes still use. Additionally, the 2 piece design assists in get better vapor whenever the user exhale. This particular V2 Cigs design consist of a battery along with a disposable atomized flavor cartridge that you simply screw to the battery.

Since their system uses disposable cartridges it means you don’t need to bother about cleaning or developing a mess. You simply throw away the cartridge and insert a new one when you’re finished.V2 Cigs is an ecigarette created to aid people quit smoking and minimize the issues as a result of smoking. It’s an tar, ash and odor free cigarette, which provides you with the same feeling of smoking minus the dangerous chemicals and with no terrible smell.V2 Cigs is available in different flavors, including cola, cherry, coffee, menthol and many more and these flavors come in the form of a cartridge that you simply insert within the e-cigarette. 



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One of the main advantages of using V2 Cigs is that there is no dangerous and nasty smoke, so people around you (children especially ) don’t have to deal with passive smoking, which research has shown may be as harmful for people as actual smoking.

Another great thing about V2 Cigs is the fact that there are lots of various starter kits available to choose from and that applies to batteries and nicotine cartridges as well.

Here is a comparison chart between the different V2 Cigs starter kits available:

V2 Cigs Starter Kits

V2Cigs offer individual parts for sale so you will be able to get precisely what you need, which is great in case you just need to purchase a single component.  When you are starting to use ecigarettes, a Starter Kit makes the most sense, but for current users it is great to be able to buy parts individually.

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee and and a limited lifetime warranty (some exclusions apply).

Advantages of V2 Cigs

  • no smoke
  • thickest vapor in the business
  • odor free, ash free, tar free
  • variety of flavors
  • no passive or 2nd hand smoke
  • lots of accessories available
  • charging via USB
  • battery lasts up to an entire week
  • limited lifetime warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee